When Jan came into the Church ‘A blanket of warmth’ came over her

<h2>“I have a great story. But you could’ve told me all of this 20 years ago and I would’ve said ‘No way!’”</h2><p>Surprising even to her, Jan Tietsort’s story of how the Lord brought her into the Catholic Church is one she loves to share as evidence of God’s goodness, patience and perseverance.</p>
<p>“It took me so long to get my first teaching job that I was going to stop looking and go another route. I<br /><br />
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Pope Francis celebrates his fifth anniversary

<p>Pope Francis is a pontiff of firsts, to be sure. First pope from the Americas, he is also the first Jesuit, the first non-European since Gregory III, a Syrian, in 741, and the first from south of the equator.</p><p>Five years ago, on March 13, 2013, white smoke rose from the chimney of the Sistine Chapel, signifying his election to the papacy by a two-thirds majority of cardinal electors. To mark his fifth anniversary as Holy Father, let’s take a look at some accomplishments and interesting facts about Pope Francis.</p>
<h2>His life</h2>

Discussion Guide April 2018

<h2>Marriage Matters</h2><p>Does this column bring to mind the old adage, “If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all”? Have you ever paused before uttering out loud a negative thought about another person and been glad you did?</p>
<h2>Grow + Go</h2>
<p>Grow: When life becomes hectic, how can you find time to open the door to God and let him guide you toward the peace only he can offer?</p>

Witness to Hope dollars help fund new parish hall

<p>Pilot Wave parish Queen of the Miraculous Medal in Jackson has a new parish hall thanks to the Witness to Hope campaign. Located beneath the church's worship space, Vincentian Hall features exposed structural elements of wood and concrete complemented by contemporary design and systems, including a new kitchen. It is ideal for parish gatherings of all kinds. As Father Tim MacDonald says, “[The hall] features the best of modern technology and comfort while respecting the history of the space it now occupies – the foundation of God’s House.”</p>

How can I help...?

<h2>Dear Fr. Joe: How can I help … my friends whose marriage is falling apart?</h2><p>It’s a tough thing to watch a marriage falling apart, and I feel deeply blessed by knowing that you want to help people in that situation.</p>

Ten years with Bishop Boyea

<p>My archbishop back in the 1980s told me that I was not everything one would want in a priest. I was not too taken aback, especially when it became clear that this was mostly about my eccentricities, which I leave to your imagination.</p><p>However, I have held on to those words because they are true. I am a sinner, and not everything one would want in a priest. As my time with you here in Lansing reaches the 10-year mark, it is a truism that you could say the same about me, “He is not everything we would want in a bishop!”</p>

Thank you, Deacons, for your ministry

<p>One of the great blessings I know in my priestly life is the gift of so many talented fellow ministers with whom I have collaborated in parish ministry. Included among these fellow ministers are lay men and women, who are a vital and life-giving part of the team of professionals in ministry who bring their creative energies and talents to their daily labors. These labors, in turn, help bring life and light to our parish communities each day.</p><p>I have also been blessed to have collaborated with so many talented permanent deacons through the years.

Deb uses her gifts to lead and 'be the person God called me to be'

<h2>Deb Amato: First female chief of staff for the Diocese of Lansing</h2><p>Trailblazer wasn’t a heading on any of the tabs in Deb Amato’s files of possible ministerial work. Yet, upon her appointment as the first female chief of staff for the Central Service Offices of the Diocese of Lansing, Trailblazer became the most prominent tab. No one was more surprised than she. “I questioned my qualifications, but I was open and trusted God’s lead.” With a chuckle, she adds, “I really thought I was called to be a theology teacher.’</p>

Lisa Whiting Dobson - First producer of the televised Outreach Mass for the Diocese of Lansing

<p><strong>Q:</strong> <strong>How is your faith the foundation of your role as producer of the Outreach Mass?</strong></p><p><strong>A:</strong> I have worked very hard to be an excellent television producer/director. The Outreach Mass adds a unique element, because my faith is the foundation of everything I do, and this program touches people in a way that has continued to amaze me throughout the years.

Lisa Kutas - First female Director of Human Resources, Diocese of Lansing

<p><strong>Q:</strong> <strong>How is your faith the foundation of your role as Director of Human Resources?</strong></p><p><strong>A:</strong> As the HR Director, I get to know a lot about the people I work with. Not just how they perform as employees, but I learn about them personally and the challenges they face in their lives. I pray for my co-workers daily, especially when I know they have a specific hardship in their lives.