She says: He makes snide comments about our friends

<p>When we go to parties or out to dinner, Jeff always makes some snide comments about our friends afterward. I’ve asked him to stop, because it makes me uncomfortable. </p><h2>He says: If she doesn't want me to talk, I'll just keep my mouth shut</h2>
<p>Listen, it’s called conversation. If Linda doesn’t want me to talk, I’ll just keep my mouth shut. It’s going to make for a pretty quiet marriage if I can’t talk.</p>
<h2>What do they do?</h2>

How do I make my teenager do chores?

<p>Psychoanalyst Erik Erikson noted that grade school children demonstrate a sense of industry, wanting to help out with tasks. They are eager to grab a snow shovel or mow the lawn! It takes a lot of patience when we have little helpers joining in, but their sense of pride makes the effort well worth the extra time. Once kids hit the teen years and are competent in completing chores, much to our dismay, that enthusiasm is gone.

We can’t live on bread alone … but try this bruschetta

<p>I love bread. All bread. I think I could live on it. Which is why in the book of Matthew (4:4) Christ reminds me – no, Michelle, one cannot live on bread alone. Which is good because there are times when I think I might otherwise try it.</p><p>I wonder if that is where bruschetta came from. Italians make amazing bread. And sure, one can’t live on bread alone, but slice it, toast it, adorn it with flavorful olive oil and various toppings and … perhaps now we have something we can live on?

Seeing through the eyes of ‘outsiders’

<h2>Inside and outside</h2><p>It is important for those who are committed Catholics – especially those who have never known anything else – to remember that a threshold [or stage of conversion] usually looks and feels very different to “insiders” than it does to someone approaching from the outside. As evangelizers, we need to make a real effort to imagine; to see Christ, the faith, and the Church through the eyes of outsiders. The same threshold can seem overwhelming and insurmountable to them while looking very simple and obvious to us.</p>

Go Evangelize: We are all called to constantly invite

<p>Meeting people on their journey and walking with them, Deacon Ken Preiss’ ministry at Holy Redeemer in Burton challenges people to receive Jesus and to go bring him to others.</p><p><strong>Prayer:</strong> Prayer is really the center of it all. The power to accompany comes from prayer. The courage to invite comes from prayer. Prayer is the core of all of evangelization. I’ve had many times that after just a brief encounter with someone I’ve asked if they wanted to be prayed with or prayed over.

For Ifeoma and Ike, ‘The value of a Catholic education is vital’

<p>The Iyioke family table bridges the space between the living room and kitchen.</p><p>Walls just a few feet to the left and right showcase special memories captured in family photos.</p>
<p>On the west wall, Mom, Ifeoma, models a traditional Nigerian headdress. Dad, Ike, poses with his sons in their Sunday best outfits. Among the photos of each child, a white-robed Jesus laughs as boys and girls chase the soccer ball he deftly kicks along a playing field.</p>

45 years a deacon Patrick believes that ‘faith changes the world’

<h2>Be a leader. <span style="font-size: 13.008px;">Be a friend. </span><span style="font-size: 13.008px;">Be of service.</span></h2><p>This is Deacon Patrick McDonald’s family motto that has guided and defined their lives. There is no area of his life untouched by his evangelization. As he says: “When I go to Mass, I skip to Mass. When I go to work, I skip to my office.